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Express menu

express menu


Eggs on toast $10.50
Two eggs, served the way you like, with hollandaise.

Pancakes $18.50
With bacon, maple syrup and berry compote.

Eggs Benedict $18.50
Hash brown, poached eggs and hollandaise with spinach or bacon.

Omelette $16.50
Spinach, mushroom, cheese and a side salad

Kiwi Breakfast $24.00
Eggs served your way with hash brown, bacon, kransky sausage, mushrooms, tomato, toast and hollandaise.


Southern Fried Chicken $20.00
Lettuce, tomato, red onion, cheese, aioli and fries.

Battered Fish $20.50
Slaw, tomato, cheese, tartare and fries.

Vegetarian Burger $22.50
Black bean & herb pattie, aioli, pickle, onion, tomato, lettuce, cheese and fries.

Classic Beef $21.50
Lettuce, pickle, caramalised onion, tomato, mayonnaise and fries.

Amber & Black $25.50
Double beef pattie, bacon, cheese, pickle, caramelized onion, mustard and mayo with fries.

pasta & risotto

Handmade in-house with fresh ingredients.

Gnocchi $26.00
Grilled marinated zucchini and ricotta. Add chicken $4.00

Risotto $27.00
Guanciale (cured Italian pork) and pea risotto.

Cappelletti $28.00
Filled with feta & thyme in a creamy pumpkin sauce and toasted pumpkin seed.

Tagliatelle $28.00
Grilled octopus with a garlic and parsley sauce.

Fish & Chips $27.50
Beer battered Fish, fries, slaw and tartare sauce.


Chicken & Bacon $21.50
Salad greens, aioli in a fried tortilla basket.

Winter Salad $21.50
Warm toasted chickpea, roasted cauliflower, olives, spinach, lettuce, lemon and olive oil.

nibble ‘n graze

Ate FortyOne Platter SM: $35.00 LRG: $50.00
Prawn twister, fries, wedges, chicken nuggets, samosa, spring rolls and fish bites with aioli, tomato and sweet
chilli sauce.

Cheeseboard SM: $40.00 LRG: $60.00
Blue vein, brie and smoked cheese with gherkins,
marinated olives, pesto, crostini’s and fruits.

Antipasto SM: $40.00 LRG: $60.00
Prosciutto and pepperoni with brie, fruits, crostini’s, pesto, pickles and cherry tomatoes.


Homemade Garlic Bread $8.00

Curly fries $9.50
w aioli.

Steak Cut Fries $8.00
w tomato sauce.

Salt & Pepper Squid $13.50
w aioli.

Prawn Twisters $14.50
w sweet soy.

Spring Rolls & Samosa $14.50
w sweet chilli.

Wedges Works $15.50
w cheese, bacon and sour cream.

Crispy Chicken Tenders $15.50
In a southern fried coating with aioli.

Tempura Chicken Wings $16.50
In a sticky ginger & soy sauce with cream cheese and chive dip.


Cheeseboard SM: $40.00 LRG: $60.00
Blue vein, brie and smoked cheese with gherkins,
marinated olives, pesto, crostini and fruits.

Classic Ice Cream Sundae $11.50
Choose from chocolate, strawberry or caramel.

See our specials board for todays dessert selection.